VMware vSphere 6.x vCPU pCPU

vSphere 6 vCPU(虚拟CPU)与pCPU(物理CPU)的配额比率(超额配比率)

vSphere虚拟化的主要优势之一是超额分配的能力,因此可以分配给虚拟机的vCPU数量与主机中物理CPU数量之间当然没有1:1的比率。对于vSphere 6.0,每个物理核心最多可以有32个vCPU,并且vSphere管理员最多可以为单个主机上的虚拟机分配4,096个vCPU。

官方原文:one of the major advantages of vSphere virtualization is the ability to oversubscribe, so there is of course no 1:1 ratio between the number of vCPUs that can be assigned to virtual machines and the number of physical CPUs in the host. For vSphere 6.0, there is a maximum of 32 vCPUs per physical core, and vSphere administrators can allocate up to 4,096 vCPUs to virtual machines on a single host